Rock is English by birth, and as his name suggests, he is hard as a rock. Rock is an attacker and is exceptional runner. Has brown hair, pale complexion and is heavyset, but not slack. His place in the team is irreplaceable, because he scores goals. In the first line of attack, there is no better player in the league. Utterly fearless and brave, it is very hard to frighten him. He has no reservations towards the rivals and he will get the ball in to the goal, eventually. Rock represents the moral backbone of the whole team. If one of the boys needs any help, he knows that Rock will never let him down. If someone tells him a secret, he will take it to his grave.

Polish by birth, Max is the leader of the team. Bravely takes responsibility and solves almost all of their problems, but other boys can challenge his decisions. He is of normal height, with straight black hair and blue eyes. Dragons’ jersey, long or short-sleeved, is his favorite outfit. As a very skilled footballer player, he prefers playing the midfield, and is organizer of the game. Not so fast runner, but great dribbler and he always makes it hard on the rivals. Max’s older brother is playing in the first team of The Dragons so he has a personal cause to be an ardent supporter.

Kuan is originally African-American. Mainly plays in the back, as a defense player, but he can very skillfully shoot headers and score goals after breaks. He tackles any player and almost every time takes the ball from him, and is hundred percents accurate with long passes. Kuan is somewhat cautious and when “Golden Five” meets an old rival, he exactly knows what they can expect from them. He has kinky black hair. He likes to dress as a rapper and to listen to this style of music. He always has headphones and he can write and rhyme. He is an entertainer of the five, and the funniest of them all.

He is of Arabian origin, with slightly darker skin complexion and tousled short black hair and dark eyes. Slightly higher than the others, appears gaunt, even skinny. The best defense player in the team by far, and the team’s goalkeeper. If he eventually finds himself in front of the rival’s goal, he will not miss, that is for sure. Very fast and capable, but otherwise phlegmatic, except when he gets the ball. Abaz appears to have something like a sixth sense, and he knows the direction where the attacker will kick the ball, so always takes the right side. Not particularly outspoken, but when he has something to say, everything is well placed and witty. He is able to overlook the problem from a slightly different perspective, contrary to the others, and he is able to find a suitable and satisfactory solution to the problems they meet on the way.

Walt is of German origin and wears glasses. Not typically blonde, but almost dark brown, he is the shortest of the five, but quite fast and piercing. Plays in the front, and knows how to get the ball all the way to the goal and score. He is Rock’s main wingman. As the smartest boy in the team, he is able to learn very fast. If someone has problems with any subject in school, Walt is the one that will help him. Mathematics is his favorite subject and he is always talking about calculations, algebra or problems. The chief analyzer of the game, he is very tactically erudite. Actions and game plan of The Golden Five team are his responsibility, and he acts like a team trainer. History of football holds no secrets for him, and if you are indecisive about a fact, you should ask for Walt’s opinion.